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RTR-10 Core Module

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RTR-10 Router Core Module

The RTR-10 Router Core Module is a compact module used by OEMs to build routers. Routers connect two communications channels and route LonTalk messages between them.,They support installation of networks with dozens to thousands of nodes.

  • Transparent multi-channel and multi-media support
  • Compact single in-line module (SIM) form factor
  • Transceiver-independent design
  • Built-in transceiver parameters for standard transceiver types
  • Messages forwarded between two channels of the same or different media type or bit rate
  • Unlimited number of network variables forwarded
  • Default 10MHz operation with a 2 to 2,5ms router delay maximizes system performance of multi-channel networks
  • Status output indicates a forwarded packet
  • One side of the router can be driven by an external clock and connected to a transceiver running at any LONWORKS bit rate from 610bps to 1,25Mbps
  • Choice of four routing algorithms allows optimizing tradeoffs between ease of installation and network performance
  • Physical isolation between two channels improves system reliability by isolating failures between channels

RTR-10 Core Module

This product was published on Sunday, 14 April 2013 in our catalogue.


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