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The JUNOP AFU - Interface considerably expands the possibilities of many amateur radio transceivers. With appropriate software, memory channels can be managed comfortably, new features can be activated or transceivers can be controlled remotely. Furthermore the PTT and CW input can be controlled via separate lines. Hence it is especially suitable for programms like MixW2 and HAM Radio DeLuxe.
The interface is built up with SMD components and is housed in a D-SUB box. The interface is to
be connected by an USB cable (2x A-plug) with the PCs USB port (V1.1 oder V2.0). On the other side of the interface there is a 25 pin D-Sub plug, where all necessary signals for remote control of the transceiver incl. PTT and CW an be found. The connection from the 25 pin D-Sub plug to the transceiver is done with up to three cables and with appropriate plugs. Configuration for the appropriate type of transceiver is also done inside the 25 pin D-Sub plug.
Therefore it is possible to operate the interfaces of all marketable producers (ICOM, Yaesu,
Kenwood, TEN-TEC,...) just by exchanging the cable. The JUNOP AFU-Interface replaces the interfaces and cables repectively of the OEM, e.g. CT-17 (ICOM), FIF-232 (YAESU), IF232 (Kenwood). The times, where you had to buy a new interface for each transceiver are over now !
The interface will be delivered ready for use. Power is supplied by the USB port, i.e. no further
external power supply is needed. Apart from home transceivers also handhelds and mobile transceivers can be controlled.

For operation with the HAM-Unit a  specific connection cable  (MOUSExxx) is used, furthermore a standard USB cable to connect with the PC.

A selection list of MOUSE-xxx connection cables for every transceiver the AFU-Interface can be delivered for, is to be found in the file Transceiver.pdf


The programs supplied on CD are solely free or shareware respectively and are thought as demonstration of the possibilities of the AFU-Interface. JUNOP S+R cannot supply original software for free for obvious reasons.

Different categories of software have to be distinguished in principle:

At first there is pure memory management software, which is used mainly for handhelds, e.g. VX-5, IC-Q7, FT-50 etc. Typing in up to 500 memory channels with all parameters such as frequency, shift, CTCSS tones, labels etc. can be avoided. Example: EVE V1.70 für YAESU VX-5R.
Then there is software for the remote control of transceivers, mostly with additional memory management. On the screen you can see a more or less original skin of the transceiver and you can operate the rig via mouse and keyboard. The advantage is that the software can be controlled much easier than the transceiver with its small multi function keys.
Example: FT-817 Commander

Furthermore there is software with integrated transceiver control, e.g. logbook programs (automatic insertion of frequency and mode), contest software, satellite tracking software (taking doppler effect into account, synchronization of transmitter and receiver), mailbox software (automatic scanning of different frequencies on shortwave), Packet-Radio Terminal, e.g. connection a DX-Cluster - clicking on a message set the transceiver to the displayed frequency or multi-mode software Examples: RCKRTTY, Swisslog, YPLog, TRXManager, MixW2.

Depending on the type of transceiver, there are different packages of freeware, shareware or licenced software.  
On the CD supplied, there is a small selection for some rigs. Good sources for a search for appropriate software are amateur radio software collections on CD-ROM. e.g. HAM-RADIO or the CD of the FUNK magazine.

Certainly you can find software in the internet, e.g. on

http://hb9drv.ham-radio.ch/ homepage of Simon Brown, author of HAM Radio DeLuxe

MixW2 homepage (Soundcard-modes RTTY, Amtor, PSK31, CW, SSTV,...)

http://www.geol.com/vx5 a lot of information about VX-1/VX-5...
http://www.dl4cu.de programming software for VX-1R and FT-897
http://www.qsl.net/kc8unj programming software for VX-2R/VX-5R/VX-7

programming software for IC-Q7, IC-R2... very large link collection also for other rigs

ftp://ftp.funet.fi/ in the directory pub/ham you can find a lot of ham software


Copyright for the delivered software is held by the authors. No charge for delivery will be made by JUNOP S+R. If it is no freeware, the software has to be registered with the authors. Please refer to the attached files for details.

The JUNOP- Interface is copyright by JUNOP S+R.

Limitation of Liability

Junop S+R is not liable for damages caused by the use of the delivered software and does not guarantee that programming is possible in all cases.


Warranty covers the delivered interface and the confection of the cables, only. Warranty expires if the interface is opened or the delivered cables are modified.


Junop S+R offers service if there are problems with the interface. This merely covers the interface itself and the cables delivered. If you have problems with the software please contact the respective authors.

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